ESS Branch Account Registration

Changes/Updates to Branch Accounts

If your church/organization has an existing branch account and you are needing to add, remove, or alter the permissions of a user, do not use this form. Email and include the type of change requested and the name(s) and email address(es) of the persons being updated. Please note that this request must be received from either a person currently listed as an administrator on the branch account or the UMCNA email address of clergy currently appointed to the church/organization.

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Account Holders

We ask that the primary account holder (Contact Name above) for the church's branch account under ESS be 1) a lay member involved with the process of background checks and/or Safe Sanctuaries at the church or 2) a staff member or SPRC/PPRC chair/member designated with the task of background check management and/or Safe Sanctuaries. We ask that the pastor not be the primary account name on the church's branch account, as pastors' appointments may shift a change in this process at your church.

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*Should this user be an administrator?

Be careful listing users as administrators.  Generally, each account should only have 1 or 2 administrators. Administrators have full access to the branch account, including the ability to view and update billing information and add, remove, or modify users on the branch account. Additionally, administrators are able to request changes to the branch from the North Alabama Conference and/or ESS. It is strongly encouraged that you immediately notify the North Alabama Conference and/or ESS in the event that an administrator separates from the church/ministry.

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