Bazillion Book Drive Agency Application

United Methodists throughout North Alabama are looking to partner with local organizations and agencies to distribute a "bazillion" new books to under-resourced children 3rd grade and younger.

Please complete the form below if your organization would like to be a book-recieving agency. 

*Organization Name
*Physical Address

Include Street, City, State and Zip

Key Contact person
*First Name
*Last Name
*Provide a brief overview of how your organization works with under-resourced children 3rd grade and younger and their families
Demographic Information

Give an estimate of the number of children your organization serves in the following age groups:

0-2 yrs olds
1st graders
2nd graders
3rd graders
Describe the ethnic / racial demographics of the children your organization serves
Special Projects and Titles
Is there a special event or project your organization is planning of which books could be a part? If so, please give specifics such as date, the number and ages of children involved.

Examples: a book club, celebrating a grade level graduation, birthday recognition, etc.

Are there specific book titles you would like to request?
Partnering with a local congregation

Please note: The United Methodists in your area want the books they collect to be a gift to you and the children with which your work.  You do not need a current connection or relationship with any United Methodist congregation to qualify to be a book-receiving organization!

*Are you currently connected to or partnering with a local United Methodist Church?
If so, please note your partner congregation(s)

There are local United Methodist congregations looking to partner with organizations in their community beyond this book drive. If you are interested in connecting with a local United Methodist Church, please complete the information below. 

What are some specific partnership opportunities you can envision between your organization and a local United Methodist Church?

Please include specific volunteer opportunities or needs.

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