2020 North Alabama Annual Conference Reservations

The 2020 North Alabama Conference will gather May 31 - June 2 in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Von Braun Center.

The online registration process is actually best thought of as “reservations.” It is a way everyone who attends Conference – members and guests alike – may purchase meal tickets, request accommodations, etc.  The Annual Conference membership roll is formed independently from the reservations process. The roll is developed based on the rules laid out by the United Methodist Book of Discipline and the North Alabama Conference Standing Rules. Local churches submit the names of lay members in the fall through Charge Conference reporting. For questions regarding your membership status, contact Conference Registrar Doris McCullers at dmccullers@umcna.org, 205-226-7950 or 800-239-7950.

If you are a member of the 2020 North Alabama Conference and do not wish to purchase meals, purchase t-shirts, or request assistance options, you do not need to complete this form

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All North Alabama Conference Members and Guests who wish to purchase meal tickets, t-shirts or request assistance options should complete this reservation form for Annual Conference 2020. Your reservation is not complete until your payment is received. Reservation deadline is May 15.

Note about this online reservation form: This online reservation system allows you to make reservations for more than one person at a time. We hope this feature is helpful for churches to make needed reservations for both clergy and lay members to Annual Conference and for families to make reservations for multiple family members. If you are making reservations for multiple people:

  • include each person's name in the registrant list. (This includes visitors for whom you are purchasing a meal ticket.)
  • as you proceed through the reservation form make sure you check the "Click to choose a different answer for each registrant. …” box below each question so you can personalize the reservation for each person. If you do not check this box the answer you give applies to all.
*Describe your role at Annual Conference 2020

Annual Conference participants are encouraged to eat at the Von Braun Center for time’s sake and for the opportunity for more fellowship. You must pre-purchase a ticket for the Cafeteria or a Special Meal. Meal tickets will not be available for purchase on-site.

Due to price differences, regular meal tickets cannot be accepted for attendance at a special meal.

Sunday Dinner
Meal Ticket for Caf ($13.50)
Monday Breakfast

There will be no Cafeteria available for Breakfast. 

COSROW ($12)
Monday Lunch
Meal Ticket for Caf ($13.50)
Laity Luncheon ($22)
Tuesday Lunch
Meal Ticket for Caf ($13.50)
Annual Conference T-shirts

To purchase t-shirts enter the quantity you are purchasing in the appropriate box. You can purchase more than one t-shirt per person.

T-shirt - Adult Small ($15)
Only number values are allowed
T-shirt - Adult Medium ($15)
Only number values are allowed
T-shirt - Adult Large ($15)
Only number values are allowed
T-shirt - Adult Extra-Large ($15)
Only number values are allowed
T-shirt - Adult XX Large ($15)
Only number values are allowed
Special Needs Assistance
*Are you a person with disabilities?
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Accessible Parking (must have tag or decal)
Assistive Listening Device
Extra Large Print on Handouts
Sign Language Interpreter
*Method of Payment

Please indicate the method of payment you are using for your reservations. Your reservation is not complete until your payment is received. Reservation deadline is May 15.

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I am mailing in a check.

If paying online: click the Submit button below and follow the on-screen instructions.

If paying by check: Click the submit Button below. Then make a check payable to "North Alabama Conference" and mail it to
North Alabama Conference Registar Doris McCullers
898 Arkadelphia Road
Birmingham, AL 35204

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